Eco-stitcher Arm

Machine details

Eco-stitcher Arm


A MAX 1220
MIN 160
B MAX 900
MIN 160
C+D1 MAX 1100

Eco-stitcher Arm

Machine details information
Sewing method
Straight 2-lines, Single chain stitch
The width of the seam
Sewing pitch
The middle pitch is 15 mm The last pitch can be selected in three (5mm,7mm,10mm)
Sweing speed
Cutting system
Automatic thread cutting device
Machine dimensions
Depth 1819 mm × Height 1648 mm × Wide 1402 mm (Including auxiliary guide) (870 mm only machine)
Machine weight and power
About 400kg, Single-phase 110V / 220v3 phase 110V, 220V (Election, prior talk necessary)
Required capacity of air compressor
Minimum 1.5kw (2ps)
Dry filter or dryer needs

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